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Early on when Four Letter Words was just an idea, an offer arose that could not be passed up ­ the raw stock left over from Terry Gilliam’s
Twelve Monkeys was being sold off. Baker and Yaraghi jumped on the deal, purchasing enough 35mm film to shoot a feature, saving them close to $20,000. Once the raw stock had been bought and the script had been completed, shoot dates were set for late May of 1996. However, Little Films had only $13,000 and a few virgin credit cards, which was not enough to get the film in the can. So Baker and Yaraghi used a reel of television commercials they had shot on spec to land a series of commercials during late 1996. The money raised from these television spots made the shoot possible.
Sam Selva (Four Letter Words’' cinematographer) had shot Yaraghi’s junior narrative film in an NYU production class and was later brought on to shoot Little Film’s television spots. It was decided early on that Sam would also be the one to shoot Four Letter Words. The goal was realism in every aspect of the film’s style, including its look. Baker and Yaraghi had confidence in Sam to deliver what they needed.
The 30-day shoot began on May 20th, 1996. It would begin again roughly a year later for three more days of pickups and re-shoots.
Editing was completed in June of 2000. Why over four years of post-production? Watch the "making-of" on the DVD.


Fred Berman as Art
A native New Yorker, Fred has worked extensively in the NYC theatre community as well as some of the top
regional theatre groups in the country. Recently he played the title role in a NYC production of Hamlet.
His other film work includes the short films The Game and Him (Best Short Film ­ Cleveland Film Festival).
He has also appeared in the feature film The Court. Fred is a graduate of Tufts University and does a mean
Al Pacino.

Matthew Dawson as Jay
Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Matt got his BFA in acting from Concordia University.
He has appeared recently with several theatre companies such as New York Stage and Film, The New Group,
The American Playwright Program and the Mid-Atlantic Theatre Company. Matt's most recent film credit was
a starring rolein The Pink House along with Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse).
He has also starred in Alexandra Brodsky's short film Didactic Encounter, which screened in 1999 at festivals
including New Directors/New Films,The Los Angeles International Film Festival and the Montreal Film Festival.
Four Letter Words is Matthew's first feature role.

Fred Berman as Art, host of
the lamest party of the year.

Jordan (Matt Maher, left) and
Andrew (Jay Thames, right)
sharing "urban legends."

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