About the Film
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Paul Weissman
as Nick

Born and raised in Long Island, NY, Paul graduated the State University of Stonybrook in the spring of 1991.
An experienced theatre actor, he co-founded the Doctor Guffy Theatre Company in Manhattan, producing and
acting in several major productions. He has also co-written, co-produced and starred in the film
Divine Comedy, to be released this year.


Matthew Maher as Jordan
Matthew Maher's film and TV credits include roles in Kevin Smith's Dogma and Martin Scorsese's
Bringing Out the Dead, as well as Vulgar and The Third Wheel (produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's
Pearl Street Productions.) Received a 1999 Obie Award for his performance in The Race of the Ark Tattoo,
a one-person play by W. David Hancock, at P.S.122 and The Cherry Lane Theater.


Susan Stanley as Jean
Born and raised in New Jersey, Susan is also currently pursuing a music career with her band, The Friggs.
Since filming Four Letter Words, Susan has appeared in Manhattan Aves. ABCD by acclaimed Iranian
director Amir Naderi, director of The Runner.


party via the bedroom phone.



Art finds himself trapped
between rambling drunks
Chris (Tom Donnarumma, left)
and Eddy (Tom Trubaikou, right).

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