About the Film
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Sean Baker ­ writer/director
Sean, the eldest of the Four Letter Words crew at 26, was born and raised in central New Jersey and graduated
NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where he studied film and television. This is his first feature film, having shot
numerous commercials and short films. He is also one of the creators of The Greg the Bunny Show which ran for two seasons on the Independent Film Channel and ran on FOX for the 2002 season.


Koorosh Yaraghi - producer
Koorosh, born in Iran and raised in Long Island, began his four years at NYU a photography major but transferred into the film department in his junior year. Upon graduating, Koorosh worked with acclaimed Iranian director Amir Naderi (The Runner ) on Manhattan Aves. ABCD His short film Men In Patience is currently on the festival circuit screening next at the 2002 San Diego Asian Film Festival.


Sam Selva ­ director of photography
Four Letter Words is Sam’s first feature film as a cinematographer. Born and raised in England and a graduate
of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Sam cites both Robbie Muller and Philippe Rousselot as major influences.
He won top honors for cinematography at NYU’s Wasserman film festival for lensing the short film
Ana, A Portrait in Days. Immediately following the shooting of Four Letter Words, Sam went on to shoot the feature Once We Were Strangers, which was an official selection at Sundance ‘98.

Sam Selva (DP) about to shoot
scene with Matt Dawson.


The high school out-casts Nick
(Paul Weissman, left) and Drew
(Eddie Coyne, right) finally
make it to their first party.


Alex (Vincent Radwinsky, left)
and Nick (Paul Weissman, right)
on a 3 am cigarette run.

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