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9/24/02 - The film is now available on We of course would rather you order from this site so we don't 55% away to Amazon but the choice is yours.
9/12/02 - The DVDs of Four Letter Words are NOW available !!!!
The official street date is set sometime in November. Be the first to have it !!
8/02/02 - DVD authoring is complete and is pretty cool if I may say myself.

The DVD contains:
letterboxed version, commentary by Sean and Koorosh, photo gallery, fifteen minute "making-of" doc, and extras from behind the scenes.

Due to our non-existent budget, we had to settle with mastering on a DVD-5 which holds less info than the DVD-9, the type used most often for DVDs with many extras. We filled it to the brim, so don't go looking for easter-eggs, we couldn't fit them.


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