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"the film has a stomach-churning, downbeat authenticity."
  Marrit Ingman
The Austin Chronicle
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"the performances from this quality ensemble cast of unknown actors are engaging...genuinely funny."
  Film Threat
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"Void of chisel-cut male leads or well-groomed famale starlets, this story resonates not because of its shappy dialogue or hard-cut narrative, but rather for its earnest,and inspiring effort to deconstruct the engine human."
  Marcel Meyer
South By Southwest
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This just might be a version of a guy's chick flick. My wife didn't get it, but I did and I liked it.
  Tim Welch
The Dog Pile
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"I don't think there was a line of dialogue in this film that struck me as false or unture... This is an odd criticism to make of a film,
but is was too dead on."
  Mike Everleth
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