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South By Southwest Film Festival March 9-17, 2001 --- Marcel Meyer

Eight years in development, the realization of Climax- from story concept to completed project - was a long time
coming. Writer/director Sean Baker began transcribing real-world dialogue (illicitly recording party conversations)
into what would become the first draft of this story. At its center, the film focuses upon a group of
twenty-somethings who, during a late-night bash, analyze why they constantly fail at matters of the heart.

Citing Mike Leigh as a major influence in his work, Baker, along with producer Koorosh Yaraghi, spent an
entire year refining dialogue and auditioning actors who possessed a talent for improvisation. Out of
this unabashedly character-driven feature comes a fascinating verbal digest of how the suburban white
male views the world, women, relationships, and most importantly, himself.

At times raw and unadulterated, Climax offers a unique sensibility withen the dynamics of its ensemble
players. It is, to its credit, a dutifully cast, Everyman film. Void of chisel-cut leads or well-groomed female
starlets, this story resonates not because of its snappy dialogue or hard-cut narrative, but rather for its
earnest, and inspiring effort to deconstruct the engine human.

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