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The dialog is often uncomfortable but real. It should be. Baker pulled it from recorded conversations of his own friends.
This adds tension throughout the entire film. The words are familiar, we've been in the same circumstances and we have seen the same in our own lives. At least those of us from white suburbia. Forced party conversation moves into discussions of their yearbook as a porn substitute and real discussions of porn stars. While others maintain the useless drivel of those who have not quite grown up yet (i.e. the eternal Beavis and Butthead). Others just catch up.

But it never announces imagined angst or takes a sarcastic tone. The tone of the film is more relaxed, actually becoming humorous most of the time. More like laughing at someone you know or a situation you have been in.

It does highlight the odd paradox of being stuck in the past and trying so hard to get away from it at the same time. Case in point being the ex-girlfriend obsessions. Jay and Aleks handle it both by going after more and more women but end up frustrated by the their former high school sweethearts. Actually the lack of closure between them. Others are trying hard to change, or at least be different from their parents, and others are trying to break free from their high school inhibitions.
The frustrations play themselves out in small talk, confrontation, and a game of coke can baseball.

It is a dialog driven piece that maintains a slow but steady pace. I felt that the start was slow but once the characters were given space they became much more interesting. The cast was really solid. All the characters were believable for the most part. Vincent Radwinsky was a standout, adding honesty and sincerity to a character that could have been played simply as a jock that likes women.

This just might be a version of a guy's chick flick. These were and are some of the guys I have known and still hang with. Baker even nails the inability to really deal with emotion and conflict and does a great job of not making it into another angst ridden sob story. Just a story of a bunch of guys getting on with life. The only possible short coming is the slow pace and touchy start. Make it past that, it's a great flick.

The bottom line is that Climax is a realistic stab at how the middle class male tries to move on and out into their own life.
My wife didn't get it, but I did and I liked it.

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