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white line -Mike Everleth

Though I've never gone very far, I have moved around quite a bit and in so doing have lost track of most people
I've ever known. I'm not good at long-distance friendships. Hell, I'm not that wonderful at short-distance friendships
for that matter.

This trend started when I went away to college, which though still in the same time zone was a good distance from
where I grew up (upstate NY vs. southern New Jersey). I didn't really keep up with my high school friends while
I was off trying to make new college ones. But there was one summer I hung out with the old gang again. I think
an old friend invited me to a party on a whim.

It was kinda strange. I'm not sure how well they had all kept up with each other in my absence. It seemed we were
all off doing our own things. Some of them were like me, off far away at college. Others had stuck to home. And
while we reminisced about the past, we didn't seem to be connecting towards the future. That was my perception
anyway. I lost track of all of them again pretty quickly. Maybe I'm just a dick.

Four Letter Words is full of dicks. It was a first feature-length movie made by a recent NYU film school grad,
Sean Baker, and it was a good idea for a no-budget flick by an aspiring filmmaker. The entire movie takes place
over the course of one night, primarily in one location. A group of high school graduates have gotten together for
a reunion party at one of their classmate's homes. CLIMAX isn't a party picture, though. The film starts at about
3 AM after most people have gone home. The only ones still at the house drinking the last remnants of the mostly
foamy beer left in the keg are a group of about a half-dozen or so guys.

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